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Yousung Hot Spring

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Don’t miss out Yousung Hot Spring, pride of Yousung.
Origin of the name, Yousung
Some say that Yousung was originally called Yeosajihyeon during the Baekje Dynasty and later named after the meaning of Yeosajihyeon in the King Gyeongdeok year 16. Others say that “Yousung” was named after the “seong (meaning castle)” where classical scholars of the Baekje Dynasty used to live.
Origin of Yousung Hot Spring
Records of the Yousung Hot Spring have been found in the Goryosa, Sejong Sillok, Dongguk Yeoji Seungnam, etc. Particularly, the Dongguk Yeoji Seungnam records King Taejo and King Taejong frequently bathed in the hot spring, indicating a deep relationship of this hot spring with the royalty. In 1915, Kim Gabsun (a millionaire from Gongju) began a full-on development of the naturally erupting hot spring. Yousung Hotel of today organized a park around the first construction area in order to conserve a meaningful historic site, which has been open to the general public. In addition, the hot spring water has been sent to the Yousung Hot Spring Cultural Festival – which is held in every October – for a ritual ceremony.
Hot Spring Water of Yousung Hotel
Delivered right from the Yousung Hot Spring, the hot spring water is amply supplied to the hot spring spas and every room in Yousung Hotel. Erupting along the breccia zone of a granite fault 350m underground at 56°C, the hot spring water is an alkalescent boiling spring which contains abundant radium and doubles effects of hot spring bath. In particular, it has superior effects on various diseases such as neuralgia, rheumatic diseases, gastric diseases and diabetes as well as recuperation such as skin care and postnatal care, which has been widely known as the private therapy and also in the academy. Yousung Hotel’s hot spring water has boosted its true value as the top-quality radium natural spring water in Asia.